Jim Engeman

Jim Engeman headshot_cr.jpg

My dad’s family came to Silverton in 1902. When I was an infant, my parents brought me with them to visit my grandmother and uncles in their Model A. When I was two, my parents bought a farm south of Silverton. I grew up here and attended Silverton Union High School.

I moved back to Silverton in the early 1980’s to help take care of my parents and have continued to live on the farm after my mother died at the age of 93. I worked for many years as a substitute teacher for school districts in the area.

The senior center had day trips I wanted to go on and soon I became part of the planning committee. Later I became the Travel Committee Coordinator.

As Travel Committee Coordinator, I have worked with several others to make changes to improve the process of planning trips to make them more enjoyable experience. I am planning to continue to be the Travel Committee Coordinator while serving on the board, encouraging and promoting individuals going on our day trips and extended trips with Oregon West and Collette.

I also feel the need to support and encourage what others are doing and the overall mission of the Silverton Area Seniors, Inc.

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