Jean Hadley


I grew up in Toledo, Ohio and earned my Bachelor's in Education at the University of Toledo. My first job was as traveling field secretary for Zeta Tau Alpha, the national women’s fraternity.  I was lucky to visit Oregon State University and applied to graduate school in college administration.  There I met Dennis Hadley in the dorms, and we have been married 44 years!  So I have been a farm wife. We had a great view for the awesome eclipse.  

After our third kid was in school, I got an administrative job at Chemeketa Community College.  I also worked at Willamette University and with the Silverton Hospital Lifeline program.

I joined SASI for social reasons and for the Zumba class. I am a member of the travel and fundraising committees, and I play chicken foot dominoes on Fridays at 12:30.  I enjoy the good food from Meals on Wheels, and Dennis and I have participated in some of the SASI van trips.

I am very proud of SASI and I recommend it to our friends.

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