Darlene Blackstone


Although I was born in the Silverton Hospital and graduated from Silverton High, I lived in many other cities across the nation for much of my adult life, essentially becoming an “urban nomad” through my work in various sales, sales management, and education roles. 

In the late ‘90s, I stopped all the running around and took a year-long course in death education, grief counseling and hospice, subsequently developing the volunteer program for what was then the largest hospice in New Mexico.  That was by far the most rewarding work I had ever done.

In 2001, I returned to Silverton to care for my aging parents, observing firsthand the changing emotional and social needs—both theirs and mine—as they became increasingly housebound.  Loneliness and a sense of isolation were big components. After their passing, I approached Dodie about a community outreach program that had been brewing in my head, and she encouraged me to run for a position on the Board of Directors.

I now serve as President of the Board and work closely with Dodie on marketing and publicity. 

During my time on the Board, I hope to bring a broader perspective to our mission, attracting and serving a wider spectrum of the greater Silverton community, and developing additional ways to ensure the financial sustainability of the Center and its programs through the involvement of that wider community. 

…And then there is that community outreach program to help ease some of those feelings of loneliness and isolation inherent in the aging process.  Stay tuned.

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