Bob Foster


I grew up on Long Island, New York and, at the age of 17, came west and enrolled in an art school in Los Angeles, graduating with a BFA in Film. I worked in the animation business for 40 years in Los Angeles. I was in Disney publishing for 13 years. Along the way I got to live and work in Salt Lake City for five years, Copenhagen for two years, teach for a month in Dublin and for two weeks in Moscow. There were plenty of side trips to just about every country in Europe, and eventually I arrived in Silverton.

I became interested in the Center because I wanted to get to know some of the people in the town I chose to retire to. I also wanted to see how I was supposed to behave as an old man. Well, I've certainly met some interesting people by hanging out at the Center, but I still haven't found any role models for the old man look. Part of the problem is I'm secretly still 28 years old. 

I am part of the Fundraising Activities Committee. I like to come up with amusing ideas for group participatory activities on a small scale that everyone can enjoy, maybe learn something, and have a few laughs. 

I like to spend my time creating stuff. I'm working on a novel, I've got lots of notes for short stories I'd like to write, I have a graphic novel written and am now seeking an illustrator for it. I have a book of collected Christmas cards that I created and sent out to a small group of friends over the years. I have a few game prototypes waiting to be test-played. I like to squeeze in a few days of plein air painting when the weather and company is agreeable.

I like a good game of Hearts, Spades, Progressive Rummy, Hold 'em, Scrabble, Boggle, Bocce Ball or Shuffleboard. 

What I'd like to accomplish while I'm on the board is to introduce some fresh, silly and intriguing ideas for activities that will make people laugh, tap their toes, dance a little and try something new once in a while. 

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